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With over 25 years experience working with and rehabilitating numerous species of animals, Miranda's mission is to provide practical training, solutions and advice (advocating compassion and highest standards) for those responsible for the care of stray, sick and unwanted animals. 

Services include ...

Consultancy: Expert advice on animal welfare, specialising in shelter management for domestic and farm animals. 'Fresh eyes' can offer you the latest techniques and ideas to improve your services.

Mystery Shopper: Use this service to identify and reward excellent staff performance or highlight any failings in standard operating procedures or policies that could be resolved through change or refinement. 

Project Management:
Using well proven techniques, experience and common sense, we can help you to plan, manage and meet the objectives of your projects within your time frame and budget.

Public Relations: Using a great network of media, celebrity and animal welfare organisations, Miranda is able to use her positive relationships to help you to 'open doors' with your campaign, product or promotion.

Secretariat: Assistant to animal welfare executives and international organisations to carry out administrative, diary, conference and meeting management, liaison and co-ordination from our Surrey office.

Shelter Audits: Non evasive on site appraisal and written report evaluating everything from productivity to policy. Recommendations are developed to improve shelter operations, staff skills and animal care.

Training: Pro-active and innovative approaches to training including practical 'hands-on' opportunities and interactive workshops in all aspects of animal handling and shelter management.                           
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Miranda Luck + Associates was established to improve animal welfare worldwide and to meet the growing needs of today's animal care professionals.
We work with you to help your organisation to understand and implement legislation and best practice in animal homes, shelters, rescue centres, sanctuaries and pounds.

Refreshed Rescue Review!

The new look Rescue Review website was launched in September '13 and already has a terrific new following. Fans include the rescue workers and volunteers who often find their 'lot' a thankless task and get a great buzz from seeing great ratings and rave reveiws! The number of rescues listed is on the increase too with new organisations requesting inclusion daily. Stop by and take a look. As always, your feedback is most welcome!

Miranda Luck + Associates in Pet Focus Magazine!:

'Working with Animals' is a regular feature in this magazine and the winter edition (released October '13) will include a full two pages highlighting the work of Miranda Luck + Associates. Watch this space for a PDF version of the article in November!

New Associates!

Due to the increase on demand for services, Miranda is pleased to announce that the Associates will soon include a further specialists. 

The new colleagues have many years of experience having both worked locally and internationally for well respected animal welfare organisations. A list of Associates including a bio will be announced in the New Year. 


Portugal: Volunteering for International Cat Care 22/10/13 19:22

Earlier in the year, I had the opportunity to volunteer on a project in Portugal for International Cat Care – formerly known as Feline Advisory Bureau. On this trip, I meet some wonderful people including Margarida. This is her story of the...more

Barbados: ARK Animal Welfare Society 23/12/11 12:41

This month I visited a busy independent non-profit animal rescue in Barbados.  The Ark Animal Welfare Society is one of three similar organisations on the small (166 square mile) island and cares for and rehomes mainly dogs a...more

UK flag
UK: PupAid 23/09/11 17:24

Despite frequently working abroad, I periodically find the time to attend events in the UK and this year I made sure I was going to be free to go along to PupAid.  This is really a different dog day out as it is held in the lovely grounds of Stanmer Park in Brighton with the main ev...more

France: Poulet de Bresse 09/08/11 12:32

On a recent trip to France, I happened to be staying near Bourg-en-Bresse in south-east of France so I took the opportunity to find out more about the specialist chi...more

USA: Dacshunds & design 27/05/11 10:59

This month I visited two wonderful buildings designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  Whilst wandering through the living spaces and gardens, I had the time to think about the lucky dogs that had li...more

Korean flag
South Korea: Animal Shelters 07/05/11 12:10

I'm just back from a truly interesting trip to South Korea were I was fortunate enough to visit a number of animal shelters over a week throughout the country. The obvious difference from situations I have encountered before is the nature of accommodation (small) and the size of the dogs...more

Japan tsunami & earthquake 24/04/11 12:22

I'm so very pleased I was able to introduce Elizabeth Oliver of animal rescue ARK to the team at Cesar's Way.  I really hope this exposure may help generate much needed funds to aid ARK to carry out...more

Thailand flag
Thailand: Red Whiskered Bulbul 24/02/11 15:43

A favorite pet of many of those living in Southern Thailand is the crested little bird often seen hopping within small wooden cages hanging from the awnings of shops, houses and restaurants.


Cambodia flag
Cambodia: Siem Reap 12/12/10 04:40

Unlike South Korea or Thailand, there are no shelters or services in Cambodia for pet adoption or rescue and animal rights and welfare remain a low priority amongst many of the general population. ...more

Greece: Rhodes animal welfare 20/07/10 12:23


During a recent trip to Rhodes (Greece) I was fortunate to visit a very busy shelter caring for 200 dogs.  The majority of these cross-breed mixes had been brought to the site by people who could no longer care ...more

Japan : Animal Refuge Kansai 08/06/10 13:21

Having met Elizabeth Oliver of ARK (Animal Refuge Kansai) at ICAWC conference some time ago, I took the opportunity to visit her in Japan at her proposed new shelter site in Shitsugawa, Sasayama and existing facilities in Nose. Elizabeth has had a very interesting life moving to Jap...more

USA: Prince Georges County Animal Shelter 08/06/10 13:20

Animal shelters in the US care for 6 to 8 million dogs and cats annually. Sadly, more than 4 million of those homeless pets are euthanized over the year.  Although, many shelters are moving towards a "no-kill" policy, some animal welfare professionals find themselves in a diffic...more

South Africa: Cape of Good Hope SPCA 08/06/10 13:20

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA is a bustling place with animal rehoming, low cost veterinary clinic, operating theatre, equine centre and boarding kennels all on the one site. It was incredibly busy last year caring for over 11000 dogs and cats. This figure is made up of strays but also ...more

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