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This consultancy was established to improve animal welfare worldwide and to meet the growing needs of today's animal care professionals. We  have expert consultants specialising in key areas including cat population management, stray dog control, farm animal welfare, transport animals, project and campaign strategy.  The Associates have provided external consultancy to the farming, welfare and veterinary industries in the UK and abroad. Our high levels of experience and qualifications make us particularly well placed to give expert advice.  We work with you to help your organisation to manage and complete projects within your time-frames and budgets.
Miranda Luck + Associates in Pet Focus Magazine:

'Working with Animals' is a regular feature in Pet Focus Magazine and the winter edition (released October '13) included a full two pages highlighting the work of Miranda Luck + Associates.  You can read a PDF version of the article ...

New Associates:

Due to the increase on demand for services, Miranda is pleased to announce that new Associates have joined us. The new colleagues have many years of experience having worked both locally and internationally for well respected animal welfare organisations. Check out the 'About us' and read the Associates bios. 

9 Top tips to help with a busy summer at your rescue:

1.  Ask the local shoe store to save you the lids from childrens' shoebox lids for disposable food trays. Larger lids can be used as disposable litter trays.

2.  Make friends with local hotels and B&B's. Periodically they replace all bedding and linen. Make sure they know you are happy to collect and they may well give it all to you.

3.  Make friends with local sports clubs and gyms and collect unwanted tennis and other sports balls for animal toys.

4.  Make friends with the airlines and collect the flight blankets when due for renewal.

5.  Place a donation bins in your supermarket and vets tills/sales counter for customers to buy one tin,one toy extra to give to your rescue.

6.  Make friends with your local businesses or groups with similar aims and bulk buy everyday products such as stationery.

7.  Set up an Amazon Wish List and let all your supporters know you have one.

8.  A 'virtual' dog show can often be more cost effective than a real one! Use social media to gain votes and donations for the best photographs sent in by your adopters.

9.  Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.” Helen Keller (who is said to have owned both Pit Bulls and Akitas!)

With over 25 years experience working with and rehabilitating numerous species of animals, Miranda's mission is to provide practical training, solutions and advice (advocating compassion and highest standards) for those responsible for the care of stray, sick and unwanted animals.

Services include ...

Consultancy: Expert advice on animal welfare, specialising in shelter management for domestic and farm animals. 'Fresh eyes' can offer you the latest techniques and ideas to improve your services.

Mystery Shopper: Use this service to identify and reward excellent staff performance or highlight any failings in standard operating procedures or policies that could be resolved through change or refinement.

Project Management: Using well proven techniques, experience and common sense, we can help you to plan, manage and meet the objectives of your projects within your time frame and budget.

Public Relations: Using a great network of media, celebrity and animal welfare organisations, Miranda is able to use her positive relationships to help you to 'open doors' with your campaign, product or promotion.
Secretariat: Assistant to animal welfare executives and international organisations to carry out administrative, diary, conference and meeting management, liaison and co-ordination from our Surrey office.

Shelter Audits: Non evasive on site appraisal and written report evaluating everything from productivity to policy. Recommendations are developed to improve shelter operations, staff skills and animal care.

Training: Pro-active and innovative approaches to training including practical 'hands-on' opportunities and interactive workshops in all aspects of animal handling and shelter management.
Refreshed Rescue Review!

The new look Rescue Review website was launched in September '13 and already has a terrific new following. Fans include the rescue workers and volunteers who often find their 'lot' a thankless task. They get a great buzz from seeing excellent paw ratings and rave reviews! The number of rescues listed is on the increase too with new organisations requesting inclusion daily. Stop by and take a look. As always, your feedback is most welcome!

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