If it involves improving animal welfare in any shape or form, we have the service for you. Consultancy and expert advice for domestic, farm and transport animals and related fields …


Project Management

Using well proven techniques, experience and common sense, we can help you to plan, manage and meet the objectives of your projects within your time frame and budget. Let us take the responsibility of procuring and executing your next project, making sure everything is on track and that everyone involved is working to their full potential.


Perfect for today’s conditions, by using a consultant, your company won’t incur any of the overheads associated with a full-time employee. No provision need be made for holiday and sick pay and there are no employer liabilities for national insurance contributions or pension rights. Once the work is completed there is no continuing obligation. Hire by the hour, day, week or project. Fees start from just £40 per hour.

Public Relations

Using a great network of media, celebrity and animal welfare organisations, we are able to use our positive relationships to help you to ‘open doors’ with your campaign, product or promotion.

Shelter/Rescue Audits

Non evasive on site appraisal and written report evaluating everything from productivity to policy. Recommendations are developed to improve shelter operations, staff skills and animal care.


Pro-active and innovative approaches to training including practical ‘hands-on’ opportunities and interactive workshops in all aspects of animal handling and shelter management. Specialist programmes and seminars focusing on Human Behaviour Change available via Associate Suzanne Rogers.


We’ll work tirelessly to arrange and implement throughout the life cycle of your event, going the extra mile and tailoring our services to you, so that you can communicate your message and strengthen your brand. Higher welfare products and food are our stock in trade. Attendance and technical support offered for exhibitions and trade shows such as London Vet Show, BSAVA Congresses, PATS, Crufts etc.