Miranda, a qualified veterinary nurse for over 25 years, has acquired much practical experience as a staff nurse, theatre sister, private veterinary practice manager and animal rehoming centre manager.

With a passion for improving conditions for animals in care and confinement, she set up her own business in 2007 as an independent animal welfare consultant. In 2022, Miranda was recognised for her animal welfare work and was awarded the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons International Award, first bestowed in 2017, this accolade recognises veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses or lay people who have worked internationally, from either within or outside the UK.

Those who have utilised Miranda’s skills include:
RSPCA, Blue Cross, PDSA, RSPCA International, the government advisory bodies Pet Advisory Committee, Farm Animal Welfare Forum, Poultry Welfare Forum and latterly MDC Exports, where she designs and trains on the use of humane animal handling equipment and care.

Working and volunteering, Miranda is a specialist trainer in developing and implementing SOP’s, protocols and policies to improve animal welfare, shelter medicine, care and handling. She has had the pleasure to share her skills and knowledge with numerous charities, NGO’s, municipalities and governments worldwide, including Barbados, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Greece, Japan, Latvia, Malta, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, UAE and the USA.

2022 will celebrate 15 years of international work as Miranda continues to work ‘virtually’ through the pandemic, volunteering help and advice on request.

Aware of the enormous increase in the importation of animals from abroad, Miranda’s self-funded Rescue Review project continues to gather valuable data on rescue organisations’ care, welfare, and policies. An area that is currently unregulated.

Miranda’s campaigns to reduce the routine scruffing of cats, inappropriate use of crush cages and the development of humane handling equipment (Wrapsio) will be ongoing.

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