Japan: Tsunami & Earthquake

I’m so very pleased I was able to introduce Elizabeth Oliver of animal rescue ARK to the team at Cesar’s Way.

I really hope this exposure may help generate much-needed funds to aid ARK to carry out their brilliant work in such difficult circumstances:

On the front-line: Rescue efforts in Japan

With increasing dangers of nuclear leaks and a constant barrage of aftershocks, the news coming out of Japan has, unfortunately, not been optimistic in the recent weeks since the tragic earthquake and tsunami hit. While evacuations have been enforced throughout the region, many are not allowing the family pet to join, thus creating an abundance of abandoned animals.

The many homeless dogs in the area have found some relief, however, with the aid of Osaka ARK, a rescue facility based in Osaka, Japan. One of our UK Ambassadors, Miranda Luck, made us aware of the group and the work they were doing and put us in touch with the group leader, Elizabeth Oliver.

ARK has been caring for homeless unwanted animals for the past 20 years. Their goal has always been to give medical treatment to all animals, help in rehabilitation, vaccinate, and spay/neuter. ARK has had prior experience with natural disasters, dealing with the Kobe earthquake in 1995 when they took in more than 600 animals. However, this recent Japan disaster has brought on a slew of new issues, as well as many more animals in need. “I think that our biggest influx will be when people move out of the evacuation centres into temporary housing where they may or may not be able to keep pets,” said Elizabeth.

Access to supplies has also been a problem. It can be expensive to ship products from abroad, so ARK and various organizations in the area have been relying on monetary donations to help with the relief efforts. “Dealing with animals that have been through an earthquake and then separated from their owners is very stressful and traumatic,” said Elizabeth. “We hope that owners will be able to keep their pets with them and we are working to achieve this.”