South Africa: Cape of Good Hope SPCA

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA is a bustling place with animal rehoming, low-cost veterinary clinic, operating theatre, equine centre and boarding kennels all on the one site.

The manager explained to me that it was incredibly busy last year caring for over 11000 dogs and cats. This figure is made up of strays but also over 6700 surrenders showing the effects of the financial crisis is truly global.

When I was visiting, the Green Point football stadium was still getting ready for the World Cup but with games now finished (let’s not mention the England game!), there were concerns about the increase in stray numbers. It was thought some of the numbers may be due to the (love it or hate it!) vuvuzela which terrified animals from their homes.

This horn can cause the permanent hearing loss for unprotected human ears so you can imagine how loud the noise is to the sensitive hearing of animals living in and around the Cape Town stadium.

Name tags or micro-chipping are not readily used in South Africa so strays are sadly rarely reunited with their owners.

Update 2021: Changes were made to the Animal Keeping By-Law this year many of which will alleviate the pressure on the SPCA. One of the most significant is that all dogs and cats over six months of age must be neutered unless a special permit is gained.

If you wish to help support the work of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, please visit their website.