RSPCA event management

On the request of the RSPCA, a one day conference examining the challenges of managing dogs within UK communities was commissioned. The brief was to highlight the Society’s growing concern about the increasing number of potentially dangerous dogs being kept illegally or not cared for properly. The ownership of ‘status symbol’ dogs by teenagers on inner-city estates which were used for anti-social behaviour and dog fighting was rising at an alarming rate. In addition, stray dogs became the sole responsibility of local authorities which prompted uncertainties around the issues of unclaimed dogs, their welfare and rehoming.

Expert speakers were sought, approved and engaged to provide debate and examination on whether existing provisions and enforcement were adequate. The objective was to gain agreement on some steps forward. Presentations and discussion were given by Richard Brunstrom (Association of chief police officers, chief constable Wales), Adam Goldfarb (Companion Animal Specialist, Humane Society USA), Neil Davies (Head of Dog Unit Merseyside) and Bill Swan (Defra).

The event was held at the One Great George Street, Westminster and attended by over 100 delegates who participated in a panel debate with electronic voting. Delegate bags were provided with notepads etc and USB stick of presentations. Key speaker accommodation, travel etc was arranged. Delegate registration, enquiries etc were all managed with fees covering all costs of venue, refreshments, buffet and networking reception. On request of the RSPCA, all food and beverages were higher animal welfare and included vegetarian and vegan options. The event was managed within given timeframe and within budget.