Shelter management training Spain

Miranda, in conjunction with RSPCA International and ANDA (Asociacion Nacional Para la Defensa de los Animales) ran a shelter course in Spain. The participants were animal shelter managers, vets, staff and volunteers from both municipal and NGO shelters from all across Spain.

Clear objectives were decided upon including the need to promote animal re-homing (adoption) as a key function of the shelters, provide a platform for the exchange of information, knowledge, experience and to develop a training resource allowing future training of all shelter staff. Outcomes resulted in the implementation of written routines and protocols at shelters developed through collaboration between participants. This resulted in the creation of a system to allow of transfer of animals between organisations to improve rehoming (adoption) rates and also an increase recruitment and selection of volunteers programme.

Feedback from organising agent: An enthusiastic and confident trainer and easily adapted to working in Spain and ensured that examples and ideas were appropriate.The participants were eager to join in the activities and discussions raised by Miranda providing a very lively and interactive course.
Participants were all appreciative of her ideas and will benefit from the advice and guidance.